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Getting your live food delivered makes sense! We send our bugs direct to you! All live food deliveries are covered by our freshness guarantee to make sure you'll only get the best live food.

How it works? 

  • Choose your live food from our wide range of quality reptile foods
  • Decide how often you would like your live food delivered
  • We'll automatically email you, where you can then checkout your order. 
  • As this is not an automatic subscription service you can stop whenever you want! 
  • When you subscribe & save we will give you a recurring discount to use. 

Why choose us? 

We are already very competitive on price, which means by using subscribe and save, you are getting an even better deal! There is a standard shipping fee to add on to your order of £3.99, but as we give you an email to remind you to reorder you can always add more items to your basket.

What happens if I miss a week? 

Nothing, we will email you the following week to let you know your subscription is due. You can then proceed with the order, or hold off for another week, its totally your choice! 

How often do I need to order? 

We strongly advise to order a week before you run out, this gives the postal service plenty of time to get it delivered to you. We don't want your little reptile friends to run out of there food now do we?