About Us

Want to know a little more about our story? How we started? How we got to being here? - You are so nosey! But here we go ….

It all started over 30 years ago, when Lincs Aquatics was founded since then they have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of Aquatics in the UK. They have been dealing in Reptiles for many years now, in store. Where if you was to ask around, especially in the Lincolnshire area most people who are into reptiles have either brought there reptiles from us, or buy the equipment from us. So we already have a great reputation! 

Since COVID19 more and more people are heading online to buy, well just about everything! So not wanting to be left behind we decided to join the party, we added all our stock to our main website www.LincsAquatics.co.uk this was just the first part of our journey! We then was thinking long and hard, is it worth splitting the online venture in half, to make it easier for you our customers! 

That is what we did, ReptilesUK was formed, and we are now well on the way to become one of the largest online stockist for all your reptile needs! 

Our aim is to become the UKs number one supplier of all things Reptiles! Selling all the reptile goods, including vivarium's, terrariums, live food, heating, lighting and everything in between!

All the staff here at ReptilesUK work closely with, or keep reptiles themselves. We are customers too and know how important the health and wellbeing of your reptile is to you. That’s why the vast majority of our reptile supplies are offered with Next Working Day Delivery options to get you your essential equipment to you as soon as humanly possible, with nationwide delivery.

How to get the very best from ReptilesUK?

This is a business that has been built around you, the customer!

To get the best from us, you can order your items before 12pm, Monday to Friday to have them delivered the very next working day on the majority of products, for no extra charge when your order exceeds £49, and if your items are cheaper elsewhere, then contact us and we will do our best to match their price!

Don't forget, if you are a little unsure about the best way to keep your reptiles, then give us a call on 01507 451000 or message is on our Facebook page.

Once you buy from us, that is not the end of our journey together! We are here to support you, any question you have about your reptile we are happy to help and advise.