Mega-Ray Infrared Heat Projector 60w

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Mega-Ray Infrared Heat Projector 60w Mega-Ray's Infrared Heat Projector provides radiant heat without visible light. In contrast to conventional, ceramic infrared dark radiators, the heat is emitted only selectively downwards through the integrated reflector. They have a 50% higher...

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapour Lamps

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapour Lamps Mega-Ray Mercury Vapour 70w: The same great qualities that have made the Mega-Ray name one of the best in the industry is also incorporated in this mini UVB bulb. This bulb measuring only 3" wide...

Mega-Ray Multi-Wattage Ballast

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Mega-Ray Multi-Wattage Ballast Mega-Ray's electronic ballast is required to ensure simple operation of the Mega-Ray metal halide lamps. These devices are configured to ensure easy installation. This "multi-dim" device has a power regulator of 35 - 50 - 70w,...

Mega-Ray UV Flood Lamps

Mega-Ray UV Flood Lamps Mega-Ray's UV Flood Lamps, also known as Metal Halide Lamps, have been rigorously tested in the field for almost 2 years and are continuing to be tested at one of the leading zoos in the...