Dripper Plant / Drip Watering System

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Dripper Plant / Drip Watering System Provides droplets as a recognizable source of drinking water Stimulates natural drinking behaviour Ideal for arboreal reptiles like e.g. Chameleons Realistic succulent and waxy leaves Pump included! The Exo Terra Dripper Plant is...

Corner Water Dish

Corner Water Dish They have a stable design, to prevent accidental tipping by larger lizards or snakes, and also an integrated pebble at the front provides steps to help prevent accidental drowning of terrarium animals or live food, making...

Aztec Waterfall

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Aztec Waterfall Exo Terra's Aztec Sacred Maize Waterfall fits the ancient Mesoamerican Aztec theme perfectly. Since many reptiles do not recognise still or stagnant water as a source of drinking water, the Aztec Waterfall will be readily used by...


Waterfall Stimulates natural drinking behaviour in lizards Increases humidity levels Natural look integrates into any type of terrarium Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles Pump included Easy to clean The pebble design of the Exo Terra...

Water Well

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Water Well Provides constant source of freshwater Prevents reptiles from spilling or fouling the water The stable design prevents accidental tipping Natural look Easy to clean Water evaporates quickly in hot terrariums. That, coupled with the fact that the...

Water Dish

Water Dish Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium Easy to clean Steps prevent crickets and terrarium animals from drowning Non-porous and smooth surface will not absorb harmful bacteria Made from food-grade resin Very stable, not easily tipped...

Reptile Fountain

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Reptile Fountain Continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water Stimulates drinking behaviour of reptiles Increases humidity levels Compact and stable design Easy to set up and maintain Pump included The Exo Terra Reptile Fountain is a unique water dish...