Microclimate B1 Dimmer Thermostat

Regular price £45.59
Microclimate B1 Dimmer Thermostat A staple and popular piece of reptile heating equipment, the Microclimate B1 Thermostat is a dimming thermostat for allowing the accurate and reliable regulation of the reptile heaters that create your reptile's living environment, and...

Microclimate EVO

Regular price £123.49
Microclimate EVO This unique thermostat is packed with features to make life easier for you. Superbly easy to operate, it has two channels, which means that several figurations that can be used at once. The main channel can be...

Microclimate Mounting Bracket

Regular price £5.22
Microclimate Mounting Bracket The Microclimate Mounting Bracket for their EVO range is ideal to mount your thermostat easily and neatly, making them easier to use and get to, but also displaying them nicely next to your chosen reptile set...

Microclimate MiniStat 300

Regular price £26.12
Microclimate MiniStat 300 Superb for use in smaller reptile homes, the Microclimate MiniStat 100 ON/OFF thermostat monitors the precise temperature in your reptile vivarium or terrarium and switches your heating equipment either on or off to achieve the correct...

Microclimate Prime 2

Regular price £152.17
Microclimate Prime 2 The Microclimate Prime 2 represents the state-of-the-art for reptile thermostat technology, featuring two digitally controlled dimming thermostats with multiple outputs, as well as a single timed On/Off thermostat, allowing you to control more of your reptile...

Microclimate Evo Lite

Regular price £90.24
Microclimate Evo Lite This is super easy to use, and can be used as a dimming, pulse or on/off the thermostat, meaning that it may have one perfect use right now, but can easily be changed to suit another...

HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat (Day/Night + Timer)

Regular price £65.99
HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat (Day/Night + Timer) An On/Off reptile thermostat, the HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat DN + Timer is fantastically efficient at controlling the temperature of your reptile's vivarium, making a perfectly heated environment for your much-loved pet....

Thermo Control Pro II Thermostat

Regular price £65.33
Thermo Control Pro II Thermostat The Thermo Control PRO II reptile thermostat is an upgrade from the Thermo Control II in that you can switch into day and night mode. This is done through the realtime clock and two...

Thermo Control II Thermostat

Regular price £53.25
Thermo Control II Thermostat Heaters of up to 1200W total can be connected through a Schuko coupling and run efficiently to give yoru reptile the warmth it needs. A second Schuko coupling is controlled through an integrated timer. It...
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