Palm Torch 30-40cm

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Palm Torch 30-40cm Lucky Reptile Palm Torch is the dried flower of a palm tree and can make the perfect vivarium decoration whether you have a desert or rainforest set-up. It is a natural piece of decor with an...

Nature's Treasure Decor Box

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Nature's Treasure Decor Box Lucky Reptile Nature's Treasure contains a fantastic array of natural seed pods, nutshells and wooden leaves sourced from the far-flung homes of many of the most popular reptiles. This treasure trove includes Badam, Seru Fino,...

Coco Planter

Coco Planter Lucky Reptile Coco Planters are made from the natural fibres of coconuts and don't use any chemicals or pesticides. As well as the coco fibres, natural gum is used as adhesive. Plant roots fix themselves to the...

Coco Cave

Coco Cave Lucky Reptile's Coco Caves are an ingenious idea. They are hiding caves made from real coconuts - so as well as being completely natural they are also a fitting decoration for a vivarium. They are excellent natural...

Coco Background

Coco Background The Lucky Reptile Coco Background can be used as either a background or flooring for plants. The backgrounds are completely natural, made from coco fibres which come from coconut shells. The backgrounds don't use chemicals, pesticides or...

Wooden Hide Desert

Wooden Hide Desert Pro Rep Wooden Hides are a versatile piece of reptile decor. Your pet will love hiding inside but will also use it as a basking or climbing platform. The hides are a natural alternative to plastic...

Spiderling Set

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Spiderling Set The ProRep Spiderling set is an ideal starter kit for keeping spiderlings and other small inverts like scorpions, assassin bugs and cockroaches. The kit includes a non tip hide and a micro water dish. The dish contains...

Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp

Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp ProRep Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp's give you a lighter, whiter spectrum of visible light for your reptile terrarium or vivarium, removing the excess "yellow" light from the light it produces, allowing your to see your...

Natural Snake Vine

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Natural Snake Vine ProRep Natural Snake Vine will add a touch of the exotic to any vivarium or terrarium set-up. The authentic twists and contours of each natural vine provide a unique and natural perch or basking area for many...