ProRep Beardie Life 10kg

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ProRep Beardie Life 10kg Beardie Life has been designed specifically to mimic the desert environment of Bearded Dragons, mixing sand with a soil substrate to create a more natural enclosure than pure sand, which is quite rare in the...

Arcadia EarthMix Arid 5-10 ltrs

Arcadia EarthMix Arid 5-10 ltrs EarthMix-Arid uses Arcadia's original EarthMix as a base with an added 30% Certified Organic Scottish Volcanic rock dust. The Volcanic rock is not only totally natural and mineral positive but is also sourced from...

ProRep Bio Life FOREST 10ltrs

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ProRep Bio Life FOREST 10ltrs This substrate provides the perfect living conditions for creating your own ecosystem in your terrarium, allowing the ideal environment for a little clean up crew, such as woodlice or springtails. Ideally used with a...

HabiStat Leopard Gecko Bedding 10kg

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HabiStat Leopard Gecko Bedding 10kg This HabiStat Leopard Gecko Substrate is suitable for Leopard Geckos, and other desert species. It comes as a blend of soil, sand and grit provide a naturalistic environment. It is absorbent, and also helps...

Sphagnum Moss Brick 100g

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Sphagnum Moss Brick 100g Lucky Reptile Sphagnum Moss is a versatile substrate that comes compressed into a brick for storage. If water is added this moss brick will up to about 5 litres of fresh and moist sphagnum moss....

Desert Bedding 7-20ltrs

Desert Bedding 7-20ltrs Desert Bedding is a soil mixture that is developed specially for desert and Savannah type terrariums. In nature there are very few animals that live on sand alone, with most species actually avoiding pure sandy areas....

ProRep Crestie Life 10ltrs

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ProRep Crestie Life 10ltrs This ProRep substrate has been formulated to help keep up humidity and prevent stagnant air from building up, using the open structure design of the substrate. It also helps with pH levels, aiming to maintain...

HabiStat Coir Substrate 5-10ltrs

HabiStat Coir Substrate 5-10ltrs HabiStat Coir Substrate is an ideal substrate for rainforest or woodland reptiles that enjoy humidity and like to burrow. This provides a natural environment which gives great humidity to ensure your pet is kept in...

Jungle Bedding 10-20ltrs

Jungle Bedding 10-20ltrs Lucky Reptile Jungle Bedding is a special substrate mixture with sand which was specifically formulated for tropical terrariums. High-quality materials and well-considered formulation ensure high structural stability and excellent water storage abilities. Even dried out substrate...