Gecko Feeding Cups

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Gecko Feeding Cups These Feeding Cups are ideal for placing in your Pangea, or other gecko diet mixture, into, to offer to your reptiles. These can be placed on the floor or ledge, or used within feeding cup holders,...

Test the Rainbow Diet Sample Pack

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Test the Rainbow Diet Sample Pack This Test the Rainbow pack includes 7 different types of Pangea, offering you 2oz in the following flavours: Apricot Growth & Breeding Fig & Insect Papaya Watermelon Complete with Insects Original Treat

Fig & Insect Complete Diet

Fig & Insect Complete Diet Some geckos aren't keen on banana, so the absence in this product means you can find the right food for your pet. This also includes crickets and black soldier fly larvae, giving it twice...

Tortoise Food with Calcium and Vitamin D3 250g-1kg

Tortoise Food with Calcium and Vitamin D3 250g-1kg Giving your tortoise the right level of nutrition is essential to their overall health and wellbeing, and doing so can sometimes be difficult without the help of specialised tortoise foods like...

Dragon Grub Adult

Dragon Grub Adult Exo Terra Dragon Grub is an enticing insect-based reptile food, specifically formulated for insect-eating reptiles. Dragon Grub uses highly palatable and digestible Black Soldier Fly larvae, which are high-protein and nutrient-rich insects with an ideal Calcium:...

Crested Gecko Food

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Crested Gecko Food This is a highly palatable food, that is has a great taste and aroma, ideal for luring geckos to it. It contains the ideal combination of natural fruits as well as they require protein to ensure...

Bearded Dragon Food - Soft Pellets

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Bearded Dragon Food - Soft Pellets Soft Pellets like these are an excellent supplementary food for bearded dragons, fed to hem daily alongside their usual diet of fresh veg and crickets to give them a more complete diet, providing...

ProRep Jelly Pots

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ProRep Jelly Pots ProRep Jelly Pots are a great way to give your arboreal reptiles a tasty, fruity treat as part of their complete diet. Reptiles like crested geckos and anoles as well as many insect species love fruit,...

Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel 80g

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Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel 80g This pellet food is efficient and easy to use - simply take a stick and push into the substrate, allowing custodian inhabitants to feed, enhancing their performance. Bio-active setups are the best way to keep...