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Canopy Combo Dish

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Canopy Combo Dish 2-in-1 Water & Feeding Dish Perfect for tree dwelling reptiles Natural rock design integrates in desert and tropical terrariums Can be installed at any desired height Convenient, self-adhesive clip system Tree-dwelling reptiles are often reluctant to...

Arcadia EarthPro Double Feeding Ledge

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Arcadia EarthPro Double Feeding Ledge Arcadia EarthPro Double Feeding Ledge is an easy to clean accessory which makes feeding the all-natural range of EarthPro reptile diets quicker and simpler. Each feeding ledge comes with strong suction cups, which allows you to...

Feeding Tool

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Feeding Tool High-quality stainless steel Long, ergonomic pincer Soft-coated tips Prevents mouth injury Excellent grip Ideal for feeding live insects Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Exo Terra Tongs are an excellent tool for feeding live insects to reptiles and...

Fly Feeder

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Fly Feeder This Fly Feeder provides a simple and easy method to feed flies to your reptiles. Although sometimes a difficult task, ideally, set up your pupal or culture in the container, and as the flies start to emerge,...

Tortoise Pool

Tortoise Pool This ProRep Tortoise pool is a great place for your hard-shelled friend to grab a drink from. Made from hard-wearing, non-porous resins, it won't leak and keeps the water fresh and uncontaminated unlike other bowls, and its'...

Terrarium Bowl Wood

Terrarium Bowl Wood ProRep Terrarium Bowls are made of a special resin that provides a realistic wood effect, giving you the same natural look that wood would do, but with better hygiene, as wood tends to warp and collect...

Terrarium Bowl Stone

Terrarium Bowl Stone Available in 4 different sizes, from Small to Extra Large, the ProRep Terrarium Bowl Stone Small is a realistic rock pool for your reptile to drink water from or bathe in while shedding. It has steps...

Plastic Feeding Tongs

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Plastic Feeding Tongs ProRep's Plastic Feeding Tongs are much more hygienic and safer than using fingers to feed reptiles and are available from Reptiles UK at a great low price. Ideal for feeding, spot cleaning and handling. Reduces the...

Mealworm Dish Sandstone

Mealworm Dish Sandstone ProRep's Mealworm Dishes are specifically designed with curved sides to stop even the most wriggly mealworms escaping from their feeding dish, ensuring your reptile gets all the food and nutrients you provide for them. ProRep Mealworm...