ProRep Bio Life FOREST 10ltrs

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ProRep Bio Life FOREST 10ltrs This substrate provides the perfect living conditions for creating your own ecosystem in your terrarium, allowing the ideal environment for a little clean up crew, such as woodlice or springtails. Ideally used with a...

ProRep Crestie Life 10ltrs

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ProRep Crestie Life 10ltrs This ProRep substrate has been formulated to help keep up humidity and prevent stagnant air from building up, using the open structure design of the substrate. It also helps with pH levels, aiming to maintain...
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ProRep Coco Brick 650g

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ProRep Coco Brick 650g Pro Rep Coco Brick is an expandable reptile substrate that soaks in water and becomes a moist bedding for reptile and amphibians. It is made from natural sustainable coconut husk. It is clean and odour...

Coconut Bark Chips

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Coconut Bark Chips Lucky Reptile Coconut Bark Chips are natural substrate compressed into a brick that s up when water is added. When placed in warm water the substrate will up to make about 5 litres of bedding. This...

Rain Forest

Rain Forest Exo Terra substrates are all dust-free and heat-treated at our state-of-the-art European production facility. Ideal for rainforest terrarium set-ups Controls air humidity levels naturally Perfect for humidity-loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates Heat-treated and odour absorbing Ideal substrate...